Breastfeeding. And My Take On It.

So they say that breastfeeding is the most natural thing a woman can do and before I had a baby it just looked so easy. Well, it’s not. But I love it and am so grateful I can do it!

There’s definitely no higher level of bonding me and my baby could have. I understand some women are not able to breastfeed, and that’s fine. These things happen. It can be one of many reasons, whether the milk supply is too low, babies not latching etc… Also, the unawareness. I know so many women who didn’t get the right support in the hospital and I mean, some didn’t even know that it takes time for the milk to come in and gave up. What a shame. So yeah, I’m not an expert but I know that there are many medical reasons why not everyone can do it. Even I have had my thoughts and felt worried at times when I’ve thought that my supply was running low. And that makes you feel like crap.

What I don’t understand is when I hear things like “yeah I got fed up after 2 days”…I mean, how can you?? You haven’t even tried! The actual milk takes 2-4 days to come in after you’ve given birth and once it does, the baby will be more satisfied and at least for me, he started sleeping longer too.

And the other thing I don’t get are these moms who say that formula feeding is so much easier. Geez. I find it completely the opposite and a real pain in the bum – clean and sterilise the bottles, boil the water, let it cool, mix the formula, feed the baby, then repeat. Gosh that’s so annoying. Breast tho – pop the baby on for few mins, done!

And the third thing that I don’t get are these moms who just don’t breastfeed because they don’t want to fuck up their boobs. Fuck that, that’s just so bloody superficial and selfish and full on weird for me. Not even for a moment I thought about something like that and went like, ooh yeah, I probably shouldn’t. Unless you’re a Playboy model and need your boobs to stay perfect for money, then man up. And also, there’s Photoshop lol. And plastic surgery. Such a pathetic reason.

Here’s my list of pros and cons:


  1. An amazing bonding experience – honestly, nothing beats that. When my baba was smaller I just felt like I had the superpower that would calm my baby and while quiet, I felt he was so grateful for it. Now, just over 6 months in, it’s even better, when he’s done, he comes off the boob, smacks his lips in the funniest way and smiles and just stares at me for a while and mumbles something. I mean – awwwwwwww, I frikkin love him!!!
  2. Breastmilk has numerous benefits for the baby – easy to digest, full of vitamins and minerals, it’s ALIVE, it helps defend against infections, prevent allergies, and protect against a number of chronic conditions. And the list goes on and on….
  3. It’s free!
  4. Comfortable – like I said before, just pop the baby on the boob and your done!
  5. Skin to skin contact… aaaah…
  6. It burns calories – win-win
  7. Studies have shown that breastfeeding helps lower the risk of breast cancer, high blood pressure, diabetes, and cardiovascular disease, and also may help decrease the risk of uterine and ovarian cancer
  8. It’s kind of passed now, now I’m just happy but for the first 3-4 months, the level of oxytocin that ran through my body as soon as my baby latched on was through the roof! The unexplainable feeling of happiness! I probably even cried few times, from how happy he made me. Haaaaaaa HORMONES!!
  9. Makes your boobs huge!


1. Diet – oh let me tell you about it! I can’t bloody eat half of the things I want! Because when I do, my LO (little one) pukes so much we all just have to keep changing outfits. I mean try to function after a shitty night not being able to drink coffee or tea – it sucks! And trying to fake it with a decaf just doesn’t help much.

I haven’t had chocolate for 6 months. Well no, that’s a lie, I had some over Easter, just because I was surrounded by Easter eggs and my husband just left the broken eggs in front of me and on day three I gave up. I was just like, fuck it, I want it, it’s worth it, what’s the worst thing that can happen – he pukes more? Yeah whatever…….THREE DAYS it took to calm down!

Also, God I miss chillies!!!! And flavour! I’m a huge fan of spicy food but obvs none for me these days.

Can’t have cheesecake either. Not sure what’s the connection here?!

Alcohol – no wine parties yet… I do have my occasional half a glass now and then to calm my nerves after he’s gone to bed but that’s it. And I didn’t have any alcohol until he was 5 months old. I mean why would you?

2. Pain. First few weeks/months can be oh-so-painful. Whether it’s the feeling that “this is it, my boobs will actually burst!” Or does it feel like the clown from IT has been nibbling on my nipples and they might and probably will fall off. Here I would like to point out a product that has helped me a LOT – Mom & Baby Rescue Balm from Green People’s Organic Babies range. Also, I used to walk around with cold cabbage leaves in my bra – it helps to bring the inflammation down. On the downside – you’ll smell of cabbage!  Positive thing to keep in mind tho – this uncomfortable pain will pass. Your body will adjust.

Pain also hit my uterus hard but only the first few weeks after giving birth. Every time the baby latched on I felt like I’m having some nasty period cramps. It’s normal though and it’s caused by the “good old” oxytocin – this hormone causes the contraction of all smooth muscles and helps your uterus contract back into its pre-pregnancy shape and size.

3. Leaks. Even when wearing breast pads, I have still woken up with a wet top lol. More in the earlier days though, now I’m not like a loaded gun anymore, but still, every night before I go to sleep I make sure my boobs are properly “tucked in” so there’s no escape haha.

4. Stretchmarks. Most mine are already faded now but the first few weeks when I was walking around like Pamela Anderson in her prime, did their damage. I remember looking in the mirror and trying to actually see my boobs underneath all that spiderweb kinda layer (fresh stretchmarks and bulging blood vessels – what a lovely combo!).

5. Thirst. Not really a problem when you’re prepped but I’ve never known a thirst like that. It’s not as bad these days but it used to be so funny – I could have a bottle of water beforehand but as soon as the baby latched on, I felt like I hadn’t had a sip of water for days and if I don’t get some straightaway I might just pass out. It’s so hard to explain it to my husband that these few times when I’ve asked him for water, then no, I CANNOT wait for 1 minute, I need it NOW!

I can’t find any more cons, so the pros win!!!

Bottom line – breastfeeding is great, so if you can breastfeed and no medical reasons are stopping you, please do it. It’s soooooo worth it. If you’re too worried about saggy breasts or whatever there’s always plastic surgery lol!

Boob power at its best!


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