Never Enough Time

Time, I just don’t have enough of it!

I have actually fallen behind on checking Instagram posts, there are soooo many other blogs I have wanted to read and not even talking about Facebook! Ha, first world problems! No but seriously – I’m so busy, can’t keep up!! Saying that though, I’ve tried to use my time better and not use it on social media alone, because yes, it’s great to see what my friends are up to but there’s also sooooo many ads and other shit that just wastes my time.

I’m trying so hard every day to be super organised and literally work on a schedule but it’s only happening 60% out of the 100% I’m after. I need to get better!

As I mentioned in one of my earlier posts, I’m following a pretty strict sleeping program with Quinn and it works amazingly. Don’t get me wrong, I only use it as a guide. For example some of their feeding times are ridiculous for those who are breastfeeding, things like “give baby a full feed” and then 1.5 hrs later give another feed, I’m sorry but we’re six months in now, I’m not exactly FULL of milk all the time like the early days. Feeding so often is just not okay plus the baby is not hungry. But overall my baby sleeps pretty damn well and I definitely put it down to that!

But I’m going off the topic here.

So what I was trying to say is that I need that routine, I need him to sleep well because I need free time too. For those who keep saying that “oh I’ll just do what the baby wants and let him sleep when he wants to…”, yeah go on, but I can’t do that. I need to know how much time I’ve got to either study (I’m doing a course in wedding planning and design), clean the house or have a bath, do a workout. Plus if I let my baby sleep how he wants we’re both up raving in the middle of the night for hours instead of sleeping.

So, I’ve got 2 hours every lunch time and 3-4 hours after he’s gone to bed at night. Now if you think about it, that’s a lot of time. But sometimes I’m so shit at time management I still struggle. Even the house… I just can’t keep it together at times! And I don’t even know how it happens! I keep putting toys away but then he might get moody and I keep taking half of the toys out again and next thing I know, I look around and all I see is mess. Mess in the living room, mess in the kitchen – unfinished baby food, dirty dishes, finished laundry both in washer and dryer – mess in his room, mess in the bathroom after the bath. Like HOW does this keep happening?? And I keep reading stuff like “oh don’t stress about cleaning, just let it go and deal with it another time”. Nope. How?? I can’t do that. ( Hellllooo?! A wannabe Domestic Goddess here!) I can’t concentrate in a room full of clutter. So I clean. A lot. And I hate it. It takes so much of my time. So there goes my blogging and studying.

Basically this post is just me moaning lol.

Bloody hell, I’m falling asleep while writing this. And it’s only 7.30pm…! It’s the baby, he’s so nice and warm on me, it always puts me to sleep. Also, I wish his reflux would stop already so I can just put him to bed and be like “night night!!”

And even this blog! I started it because I wanted to write about gazillion things and perhaps help some others out there through my experience or what not but it’s such hard work! I won’t give up tho!

Oh and you know what’s the best! When I have time, my house is clean and I’d be free to do my course… you know what I do?? I watch pictures and videos of my baby! It’s mad what he’s done to my brain haha! So loved up it scares me.

I’ve promised myself today that from tomorrow in order to get everything done I try to keep the lunch time nap for studying and the evening sleep for cooking and blogging. That should work. Fingers crossed!

Anyone else struggling with those short 24 hours??

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