Thank You Mom

Thank you mom for all the times I have come up with absolutely ridiculous risky ideas and you have still supported me.

Thank you for never slamming doors in my face even when I probably would have deserved it.

Thank you for always listening to me even if you haven’t liked what you were hearing.

Thank you for going along with my crazy ideas and stepping out of your comfort zone.

Thank you for trying so hard to learn English even though I tell you not to worry about it so much.

Thank you for taking time and coming here to see me because I haven’t been able to travel (being pregnant, having a baby etc).

Thank you for teaching me not to be naive, not to trust anyone (and all that from a very early age), not to let people in very quickly – all of them things have paid off massively.

Thank you for teaching me how to be an independent woman. (Currently have let that slip though lol, home with a baby and jobless but hey – I’ve got a husband now!)

Thank you for being such a wonderful grandma for Quinn!

I haven’t been able to spend Mother’s Day with my mom for what….7 years? It’s sad. It’s frustrating. But unfortunately this is the way my life has ended up and living in different countries isn’t easy.

I’m also an only child so hey – no pressure! I wish I would have brothers or sisters so that I know when I can’t make it to see my parents at least they can.

Sometimes I wish that I would be so rich that flying over just for a weekend wouldn’t be a problem, you know?! Instead of making extremely thought through travel plans, finding deals etc. Fuck you Brexit!

In the UK they celebrate Mother’s Day in March and luckily my mom was just visiting us that time so at least this year we could celebrate it in advance. She only opened her cards today which is cute. Cards (plural) because I got her a card from Quinn too and let him sign it haha.

But yeah, it’s tough living so far away and it gets harder every year, the older I get.

I think in your 20s you don’t really prioritise spending time with your parents. It’s important of course and our get-togethers have always been lovely but there’s work, friends, men etc. Unless of course you’re a very down to earth person, settled down in a relationship early in your 20s and have your life “sorted”. I was faaaaaaaar from it. I used to say “everyone’s getting married, I’m just merry!”. Wasn’t really lucky in my choices of men and settling down?? Pheeew! I had so many other things to concentrate on! For example moving to New York for a year because I had some important Broadway dream business I wanted to work with. Until I got really sick and realised that this was not a life without a proper visa, healthcare, with a shitty shared apartment, no feeling of security…..So I moved back home and went back to school. I don’t know what would have happened if I would have not got sick? Chances are I could still be living there? Oh well, I’m not now am I?!

There’s a lot to write about my travels and how I missed my parents in my past but this needs to be another post.

Anyway, moving away again from the topic.

I think I just want to say that I miss my mom and I’m still dreaming that one day we will live closer to each other again. And we probably will! And I can look after her and make her tea and cake!

Hope everyone’s called their mothers today, taken them or for a lunch, whatever works best for you! But just let them know how loved they are.


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