A Hashtag I Cannot Stand – #proudmommy

Argh. There’s so much about that hashtag that bothers me.

I always think that people who use it publicly in their posts will always make at least one mom somewhere feel annoyed. What’s the purpose here? For others to give you praise when your little one is soooo “talented” that they crawl, walk, eat themselves, whatever at X months. Well done you? But hold on, what if my baby isn’t? Should I be less proud? Should I be #wannabeproudmommy? But he’s doing loads of other things though??! I just don’t share them with the world? Is that okay too?

I appreciate the fact that all babies like all pregnancies and births are different. I am happy that my now – not a baby not yet a toddler – has been healthy, eats like Dwayne The Rock Johnson and maybe has caught a cold only a couple of times.

He started crawling at nearly 10 months if I’m not wrong. Was I ever worried? No. But people just kept asking all the time. Since he was 6 or 7 months…. Perhaps they were just making a small talk. But if I didn’t worry then why was I asked about it so often. And then comes Instagram with these lovely #proudmommy posts “Aawww crawling at 6 months, woop woop, well done my baby!”. Honestly… Still, I could have not been more bothered, but I know there are moms who are. And this is why I’m writing this.

Every mom is proud of their babies/toddlers. Show me one who isn’t. And that’s cool, because these little creatures are truly amazing! Seeing them learn new things every day, I mean realllllly discovering every little detail – it’s mindblowing for us, adults. But how about we just take a mental note of it? Instead of rubbing it all over social media. Or better – keep a journal if you wish! It’s lovely to read it back in years to come.


All your babies are doing amazing by the way!


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