Sciatica + Toddler = Nope!

So this sucks.

I haven’t had a serious back pain like that since 2016 so it’s safe to say I’m not happy about it and life is full of agony at the moment.

It happened on Sunday morning. I took Quinn with me to do grocery shopping so that my husband could sleep off his Christmas party hungover. Amazing wife, I know. As I took him out of his car seat I felt something “happened” in my back but I didn’t take it very seriously. It has basically got progressively worse and now it’s Wednesday and I am moving around with a speed of a snail and I can’t really step/stand on my right foot. Great. The glory of sciatica!

Like I said, 2016 was a bad (half a) year for me when it came to back pain. I went to see numerous physios, chiropractors and even the normal GP, who of course is never no help with things like that. They just write you some strong painkillers out so you can get nicely constipated by day 3 or so. Luckily though, I went back to Estonia and I wanted to get a second opinion. This practitioner requested to see my MRI scan and an X-ray. I didn’t have either because so far no one really bothered that much and just called it “life”? The good old “Degenerative disc disease”… In reality it turned out I had a herniated disc plus thanks to all my professional dancing years, quite a few cartilage layers were oh so thin. Long story short – I ended up getting 5-6 week spinal decompression therapy treatment plus infrared laser sessions too. If you haven’t heard about it – google it, it’s amazing. They basically stretch your spine back into where it used to be/should be and it makes it a perfect non-surgical option to get results. Of course it’s still recommended to do certain exercises etc. But basically – I was fine. Until now.

It’s just this nasty sharp stabbing pain in the right side of my lower back/glute when I move. It’s horrendous. And having a toddler is not making it any easier. He has sort of started to walk now and likes to do stuff on his own but also gives me crocodile tears when I refuse to hold him when he asks. And that’s sad.

My husband’s giving me a “day off” tomorrow so I could have as much rest as possible. We live very close to my mom-in-law so Quinn will be spending his morning and afternoon there and only comes home for lunch and his lunch time nap. I am very much looking forward to it I have to say…. hopefully some rest will help!

So I’ll keep doing all possible exercises and stretches and….pray?? Because I don’t want to be in this situation for Christmas.

Moving is better than not moving and just laying down as this will not make anything better. Just thought I’ll point it out in case you’re in the same situation. So let’s try to stay mobile hey!

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