Well, hello!!!

Gosh, pressed my Mom Journal button the Bookmarks bar and it took me to my blog. I was logged out. That’s how long it’s been! And I got confused…..I was like where do I sign in? Why I only have an option to follow myself? What? What year is it?? Then I realised I have … More Well, hello!!!


It feels like it’s been forever since I felt full of energy, motivation and well…like myself! I’ve been introduced to the joys of having two kids and having them both ill at the same time or separately first one and then another… it’s like this never ending vicious circle that as soon as things get … More Broken

Any Day Now!

I’m 38 weeks tomorrow and I am ready. My hospital bag’s been backed for a while now so I’m ready to go when the time is here. I just have a feeling that this time around I won’t have to wait as long as I did with Quinn, plus they also say that second babies … More Any Day Now!