New Type Of Love Letters

Now I’m writing this basically for my two boys because maybe one day when they’ll be rebellious teenagers I forget these beautiful moments and how obsessed I was with them every minute of every day!

Firstly, to my first-born, nearly a 2-year-old, Quinn:

You’re amazing.

Your gorgeous brown eyes, cheeky smile and your very loud “evvo!!!” ‘s (hello’s) melt everyone’s hearts. (Nearly gave a heart attack to the lovely June next door though yesterday!)

Your best friend is still Henry the hoover and you love all parts of it, especially the tube part. You love taking it apart, putting it back together, taking it apart again, putting it back together again, taking it apart….you get the point! And when I switch it on you get so excited it’s hard to put your emotions into words.

But all the drama though, mate. So many fake cries.. and random crocodile tears.. I wouldn’t actually wanna call it terrible twos, because you’re wonderful and I treasure every new chapter in your life but daaaaaamn these meltdowns really are ridiculous.

I love the language you’re speaking! You sound so determined and so many emotions go into your “words”, it’s just that I don’t understand it very well yet… I’m trying though! Also – latest addition to your vocabulary – turtle!

In the beginning of this year I was praying that you would finally say mama properly, now it’s been pretty much the only thing you’ve been saying. It’s like that Family Guy episode where Stewie goes “mom mom mom mama mom mummy mama…”

You eat so much.. but hey, it’s a good thing! It’s better than being one of those kids who don’t eat. However, can you please tell me how is it possible that when something has been your absolute favourite food ever, then now all of a sudden you don’t like it?? Or like… you used to eat everything, only porridge was something I had to add hundred other things to. And now all of a sudden pancakes with jam are not very interesting either. Like…what?

Even though you throw yourself on the floor at times, then the next second you can be mega cuddly! For example if you can’t wait for something for 2 seconds (me opening a bag of snacks for you!? That you just asked me to do?!?!). I do love the cuddles though! You used to just run away from me since you started walking but now you run to me, into my arms with your huge smile on, or just come over and acknowledge me being in the room by hugging my legs lol. Or when I’m feeding Jacob and you don’t want to be alone, you come and sit next to us.

To my dearest 5-month-old Jacob:

You are SO happy! All the time!

Please stop growing so fast… As much as I enjoy sleeping more, I would also like to hold you every second of the day if I could. Other than the fab sleep regression phase you recently finished..That was a bit brutal. I do love your “singing” but not at 2am, 4.56am and 6:17am. However, as much as I appreciate a decent night, waking up for you whether it’s 4 or 5am is okay, because that would only mean that I get to have these extra cuddles. And as you’re my number 2, I know how quickly this time will be over. I already feel it… You’re about to start solids soon – whaaat!??

You throw up….a LOT. The joys of reflux! For example today I went through 4 tops! I sometimes think things like “ah I wish this vomit-y part would be over” or that I don’t want to sit up with you for 30 mins after every feed. But then I know I used to think that with Quinn, as it felt never ending. But guess what – it does end. And before I even know it you’ll be in your big cot in a different room not throwing up anymore. So until then I treasure every late night 30-min cuddle! There is no better feeling in the world than having your little head between my chin and my chest…just… please let this never stop..

In the early weeks we used to wish that you could open your eyes more so that you could see us and you can then calm down and don’t have to cry… This feels like such a distant memory now. You don’t cry much at all anymore (thank god colic doesn’t last forever!!), you always wake up happy and smile to me first thing in the morning. Sometimes you almost spook me when I wake up and see your beautiful blue eyes staring at me from your crib. Quiet, no cries, just a stare. And when you see my eyes too then you smile. And my heart melts..

All your gurgling and cooing – I could listen to that forever and make it into a mix tape. It’s the cutest sound someone could make and it sure pushes the oxytocin levels through the roof! And it reminds me of Quinn so much, just crazy that he’s such a big boy now!

About two weeks ago you decided that you now want to live on your belly. Totally cool with me!

I could of course carry on but lastly – easy tiger! I know your very strong but please don’t punch me… One of the days you headbutted me so hard on my cheekbone I got a bruise! It’s now gone yellow. I got beaten up by a 5-month old.

And to you both:

Jacob, you adore Quinn. He is your biggest idol. When he walks into the room you act like a teenage girl who’s crush just made eye contact for the first time lol.

And Quinn, you have finally realised that your little brother is not all bad and that you want his love too. Today you’ve been going over to him at least ten times to try and give him cuddles, kisses and pat his head. And trust me, things like that make Jacob’s day!!

Love you both so so so so much!

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