My Birth Story

I absolutely love reading other people’s birth stories….and I mean I could read them for hours. Because they’re all different! Mu husband thinks I’m mad but I could easily even watch One Born Every Minute every time it’s on lol. Even though knowing that it’s made for TV and that’s why you get a lot … More My Birth Story

There Was One In The Bed And The Devil Then Said “Roll Over!”

So until last week, Quinn used to take rolling over as something fun to do only when he’s bored. It wasn’t a regular thing or anything. This week however he has utterly fallen in love with it and has been practicing it pretty much every chance he gets. Saying that though, still not all the … More There Was One In The Bed And The Devil Then Said “Roll Over!”

No, You Cannot Moan

Any other mom out there who gets really wound up when their other half acts like this “night waking thing” is really hard on them while not actually getting up themselves?? Firstly, I love my husband. He’s a wonderful man and a father, but fucking hell I get annoyed during the night sometimes. I am … More No, You Cannot Moan