New Life, New World, New Everything!

As a new mom, too many crazy things are happening daily and each and every one of them is a lesson, an event in itself.

I’ve decided to start this blog so that I have something funny to read when my kids are all grown up and away discovering the world and I miss them and perhaps calling me or hanging out with me 24 hrs a day isn’t they’re priority anymore. When I’m not their lifeline anymore and they can survive in this world on their own. Time goes by so quickly and we forget. We forget all the little things. And I don’t want to because they’re too precious! So instead of wasting time on Instagram or Facebook, I can just write here at nights or days when I’m holding my reflux baby upright after feeds.

Sitting here at 05:35 on a Valentine’s Day morning, while Quinn is feasting on my boob, after having to have dealt with one of the worst poop explosions there could be, is something that I’d like to remember lol. Let’s just say it was bad…..if I have to deep clean the changing mat in the bath in the middle of the night it’s bad!

Also, another reason why I decided to start this public blog is that being a new mom you come across so many different problems that you don’t know anything about and you find yourself googling the weirdest things in the middle of the night….”baby licking me”, “calpol in baby’s eye”, “how many togs baby sleepsuit” are just a few I’ve tried! And you know what’s the best?? There are so many other people who have googled the same things!! However, I haven’t always found an answer online and I’d like to share my own experience here so that it could possibly help some other new moms out there.

Alright, all mamas in the world, let’s unite! 💪🏻

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