No, You Cannot Moan

Any other mom out there who gets really wound up when their other half acts like this “night waking thing” is really hard on them while not actually getting up themselves??

Firstly, I love my husband. He’s a wonderful man and a father, but fucking hell I get annoyed during the night sometimes.

I am breastfeeding and even though it’s still perfectly normal – my baby wakes up during the night. If I’m lucky just once, if not twice. I have Chicco’s Next to Me crib and I love it because I always have my baby – oh well surprise surprise – next to me! However that also means I hear everything – weird noises, farts, mini-cries, whatever. And if I can’t settle him then you know, I gotta get up! Stack my pillows, sit up, get my boob out, be AWAKE kinda stuff. And mind you, I could be exhausted by this point because let’s say it’s a shitty night and I’ve only slept 2.5hrs, it’s not easy is it!? Oh hail the infamous 4-month sleep regression! (Luckily over now. Or at least I hope…..). So okay, I get up, wanting to cry from tiredness at times, baby might start crying while I’m getting myself in the position and then it happens – my hubby could do one of the following: turns to his other side with a very loud annoyed sigh OR just tutting away. That. Winds. Me. Up!

I’m an exceptional wife obvs and I don’t say anything…….I’ll wait until the morning lol🙈!! But when he does those things all I really would like to say – preferably shout – is that “Oh I’m sorry!!?? Did MY baby wake you? Do you too have to get your boob out and then wait while he eats and then sit up with him for 30 mins to lower the puking risk? Does you back really hurt as much as mine does? Do you too have to possibly do it all over again in 2-3 hours time?? Maybe change a nappy too and get peed on? No?????????? Then don’t make a bloody sound because you have no right to tut at anything!!!”

(I’m not really upset right now i Just tried to describe how angry I could be in the middle of the night!)

So yeah. Me no like. He knows though. He’s just an incredibly shit night time person I guess…when he sleeps, life as we know it doesn’t exist for him. It’s just him and his weird dreams.

Oh – one more thing. The other evening when I was feeding him, and because I’ve been trying to top up his night time feed with formula I offered whether he wants to feed him because it’s cute right? The time was probably around 11:30pm… He said he’d like that but he’s very tired and has to get up very early the next day – 7:27am. You know what my reply was??? Sounds like a lie in to me!!

Okay, rant over. Still love him though lol 💕

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