2020, The Mad Year – Part 2 – Summer, Fall And Winter

I finished my last post saying I had hope….. In june I still had hope. So much hope. I hoped to see my parents again this summer. Before Covid-19 took over the world our plan was to spend a month in Estonia from mid July to mid August. Now this plan wasn’t there anymore because … More 2020, The Mad Year – Part 2 – Summer, Fall And Winter

Any Day Now!

I’m 38 weeks tomorrow and I am ready. My hospital bag’s been backed for a while now so I’m ready to go when the time is here. I just have a feeling that this time around I won’t have to wait as long as I did with Quinn, plus they also say that second babies … More Any Day Now!

Never Enough Time

Time, I just don’t have enough of it! I have actually fallen behind on checking Instagram posts, there are soooo many other blogs I have wanted to read and not even talking about Facebook! Ha, first world problems! No but seriously – I’m so busy, can’t keep up!! Saying that though, I’ve tried to use … More Never Enough Time

My Birth Story

I absolutely love reading other people’s birth stories….and I mean I could read them for hours. Because they’re all different! Mu husband thinks I’m mad but I could easily even watch One Born Every Minute every time it’s on lol. Even though knowing that it’s made for TV and that’s why you get a lot … More My Birth Story