I Woke Up Like This. Not.

I can’t live without makeup.

No, that’s a lie.

I can but I really don’t want to. And why should I? And let me get this straight, I don’t mean having a full face of make up or doing some cirque du soleil kinda contouring shit, I mean I just like to use 2 or 3 products to make me look alive and well. People who say “ah you don’t need that!”, this post is not for you. These days I’m having only broken sleep and I feel rough as hell in the mornings.

Concealer under my eyes and a bit of blush makes all the difference! So the bottom line is – I like it and it makes me happy. That’s it. This is not a conversation.

My favourite is Stroke of Light by BareMinerals and the cream blush is from Maxfactor if I’m not wrong.

Thanks very much💋

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