Weaning – what’s the rush mums?

So not only I’ve seen posts online, but now actually met few mums myself who are already feeding their babies baby rice and I don’t know what else. Like…why? Let me clarify, we’re talking about 4.5 – month old babies. What’s the rush??

There are so many articles that explain why you shouldn’t do that.

And may I also add – these babies don’t sit up without support yet.

Look, I’m not a doctor and this is just my opinion but I think it’s too early, I simply cannot see a reason why start so early that’s all.

But I also don’t understand why some give up breastfeeding after a day or two even before the milk comes in, so you know…..people are different!

This article I found explains very nicely the signs that show your baby is ready for weaning.


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