The Long Nappy Rash Journey

So I’m glad to say that nearly 6 months in now, we have finally been enjoying a lovely time off from that horrible burden.

However I wanted to share my experience, what helped, what didn’t to those who are currently struggling and getting frustrated because their beautiful baby has a sore bottom that won’t go heal. I feel you. It’s bloody annoying! And oh how many times I’ve googled “home remedies for nappy rash”, “how to cure nappy rash” but never got a full answer from anywhere.

So here’s what I’ve found out:

1. Natural cure that takes a bad rash away – there is NONE! If it’s bad and red and on fire, no “natural remedy” will make it go away.

2. Naked time – the BEST thing to do as it quite nicely dries the inflamed skin up, but I’m talking about like a good 30-45 mins at a time ideally few times a day. It’s hard work! I used to hate doing that because firstly, this all started when he was around 3 weeks old and he’s a boy…moms of boys know that when they pee it can create a right mess lol #fountain. And my baby used to pee Soooo much, so naked time in all its goodness was more of a torture for me. I did come up with a genius idea though – holding a nappy tightly on his pistol – so when he did need to “go” he went. And nothing else got wet. But it’s frustrating as hell, just standing there holding a nappy while making silly faces and noises and trying to play with your baby. One thing that makes it easier is to have a mobile over the changing table, keeps them occupied.

3. Trying different nappy brands. Boy, I’ve tried! To be honest I think what started that whole problem for us was using Mamia nappies from Aldi, I bought them because everyone just kept raving about them and were saying how good they are (plus cheap). I bought Pampers Sensitive for his first days (Just because I tend to believe quality costs a bit more) but I also had Mamia pack open and back then my eyes couldn’t tell much difference which is which so from week 2 I was using them both. But then I think I ran out of Pampers and had lots of Mamia ones left and like a day or two later when I was cleaning him I saw a little bloody mark and of course it freaked me out. So after that I went back to Pampers and I haven’t really liked anything else since.

This is my mini nappy review:

Pampers Premium Protection

10/10 – worked best for us because these ones have that mesh layer which I always felt helped because up to like 5 months he was a right poop machine so it was the only nappy that actually absorbed poop a bit too and didn’t leave it as wet as the others. I mean not that I let my baby sit in his poop but sometimes I had to keep him upright after a feed or he might have done it in sleep, I couldn’t always run to change him.

Pampers Baby Dry

10/10 – we have now moved on from Premium Protection and this is our new favourite because firstly, he poops less now and Baby Dry is the only one that actually works when the baby sleeps through the night meaning – he won’t wake up wet. This started happened with the other ones. Rash wise, I’d still recommend Premium Protection.


7/10, I don’t really have nothing much to say about them. I know these ones are the most natural and unlike other nappies they don’t smell of chemicals so that’s lovely but when it comes to absorbency I wouldn’t say they’re far off from Aldi ones.


3/10 – I guess they do their job when it comes to pee but horrible and useless when there’s rash. Doesn’t really let the air through and don’t absorb very well. Don’t get them when your baby has a rash, will only make it worse.

4. Zinc and castor oil cream – first thing I was recommended by a health visitor but it’s the most stupid recommendation ever if the rash is inflamed already. 98% of the time their advice is completely useless in my opinion. This cream is good when to keep the rash at bay, because it’s a barrier cream. However, when it’s already more than just a light redness, you shouldn’t use it. Once you’ve beaten the rash, yes, put it on all the time, I do!

5. Coconut oil – in the early days I thought it was helping and I think it was to a point, but again it never took the problem away. Think it just cooled the skin down a bit. Like I want to believe that coconut oil is he answer to everything, but it’s not.

6. Anti fungal cream – yes! Finally! Go see your doctor because this is what helps! He was prescribed Canestan, which took all problems away within couple of days – amazing! Like finally something that worked! I was so happy! But then it still kept coming back and we got something stronger called Daktarin and that’s the wonder cream, every time when it has come back it’s gone within a day.

7. No wipes! Just use clean warm water and a cotton pad and dry dry dry! I use Kleenex ultra soft tissues to get any possible moisture. So yeah, don’t use any wipes whatsoever. I know it’s annoying but they all irritate the skin. I only use Water Wipes but even now I only use them to wipe off some big poo at first lol, and then continue with warm water.

8. Watch what you eat. If you’re breastfeeding of course! Might sound surprising but yup, that affects these little butts too! Baby’s poop is already so acidic that’s why the rash happens in the first place, so therefore avoid acidic foods. For example I had to cut off all citrus fruits, plus obviously orange juice, red pasta sauces (I had bolognese once and his butt went cray-cray!!)… I mean the list goes on, if you google it, then you get lists that long it makes you think “what can I eat??”

The bottom line is that it takes time to get rid of a nappy rash. And it’s frustrating and some babies are just more prone to it and have very sensitive skin. Plus it will not heal fast until your babies still poops like 4 times a day!! (Like mine did) Because then they’re butts are not getting any rest now are they! Again, I’m breastfeeding and breastfed babies tend to poop more than formula fed ones, at least that’s what I’ve been told!

Hope this was helpful for someone, as it only took me like 17 attempts to actually finish this post haha!

Stay dry and rash-free!


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