I am still here!

I just wanted to let the world know that I haven’t forgotten about this little blog of mine. It’s just that A LOT has been going on!

My little dude is now 10.5 months and he is on the moooove! When back in the day (and I mean like 2-3 months ago) I could just sit down and maybe even chill while he’s playing on his own then now I can’t. Because if I don’t keep my eyes on him at all times then I hear silence…. silence is never good, and I might walk back into the living room and he’s just cruising by my husband’s very precious comic collection shelf….he can’t harm them – yet. But what he can do is slip and fall on his head. Because even though he thinks he’s a big boy and he’s walking and everything – he’s not. He just can’t let go. But sometimes he does and then it doesn’t end well. More like another bump to add to the collection.

This morning he basically fell on his face, against his little plastic piano thing. I was like what!?🤦🏼‍♀️ This never happens like that. But somehow he got too carried away and BAM!

But yes, I still have my me-time (2 hours every lunch time and from 7pm) but I haven’t been very wise with it or I have and my blog just hasn’t been my priority at all. Which, let me be honest – it shouldn’t be.

I need to finish my wedding styling course so I’ve been working on that but I already know I’m not gonna hit my deadline and need to ask for extension. Almost disappointed in myself. I’ve had two years. But the first year I was pregnant and we were building a house which meant I literally had to work every day on it. People would ask me “so what you’ve been up do today?” and I’ll go like “ah you know, painting”. And then when I was like 8 months pregnant and the house was ready I just couldn’t concentrate! All I could think about was the baby. And then came the baby! What course???! Ah, Lily-problems!

However, another excuse of not blogging is falling into a serious addiction of TV-shows. Bad Netflix, bad bad Netflix! First I binged on Handmaid’s Tale – oh my god! If you haven’t watched it, please do! Blessed be the fruit, hey! Then I finished American Horror Story (I watched first 4 seasons when I was pregnant). And then I discovered Suits……. Now that’s a real issue here. I think I might be secretly in love. I haven’t been hiding it, my husband knows. He knows about Harvey…. Harvey, I wish you would exist and I’d be living in New York again and then nothing would stop me lol.

Then we went on a holiday (which I plan to write a separate post about), took Quinn to my sweet motherland Estonia and we stayed there for over 3 weeks so that my parents could have some quality time with him and I could go to the beach every day. And see my friends! Thank you summer, you were wonderful!

I also started working again (sort of), went back to doing make up and hair so I’ve had some clients over the last month so that’s good, at least something!

But now I’ve gotta wrap it up because I want to go and make myself some delicious summer rolls! Been craving for these for days!

I’ll be back!x

FYI – the cover photo is Harvey, in case you don’t watch Suits. And I kinda love him.

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