Having A Bath While Pregnant

“Have a nice soak in the bath”, they say!

“It’s a great way to relax during your pregnancy”

“Water is a great pain relief for pregnancy’s aches and pains”

A complete bunch of BS!

I cannot be the only one but in my opinion, there’s pretty much nothing enjoyable about having a bath in pregnancy.

I loooove to soak in the bath when the water is hot. I grew up having a sauna in our house and now not having one, a hot bath is the only thing that comes close to that nice hot feeling.

However, when you’re pregnant you can’t have hot baths. The water should be the same as your body temperature and for me personally, this is nice for about 4-5 minutes. I’m in a bath now and have been for the last 13 minutes and I’m cold. My knees are out, my boobs are out and half of my bump is out. How is that nice? Sure, it’s probably our fault because we have rather a standard size bath (if I’m not wrong 70x170cm maybe?) but that’s only because the way the windows and the door are located in the bathroom and while we were planning/designing everything, a wide bath would have not fit. Longer yeah, but as I found out the longer the bath, the wider it is. Of course you can order bespoke bath tubs for thousands of pounds and wait for weeks but we couldn’t afford either. So here we are – pregnant and hormonal me moaning in our standard sized bath!

So no, I wouldn’t call it relaxing.

Think the baby likes it though, doing somersaults or god knows what in there.

And what’s that about pain relief? Labour, yes, I completely agree but pain in pregnancy?? I had a horrendous back pain while writing this post, and the bath did absolutely nothing for it. I wrote a post about sciatica some time ago, so this bath was my another attempt to ease the pain.

So overall, I don’t think I’ll be having more baths until the baby’s born lol.

One thought on “Having A Bath While Pregnant

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